Certain things are captured only as memories.. for a life time

As human beings, the greatest things we are capable of having, are memories. Happy sad and even memories of rather ordinary things. A Normal incident might be easy to forget. However the happy moment, even sad moments residues some where in our minds.
Also there are certain times that we see such magnificent structures of the Creator of the world. Yes I am just obsessed about the sky and can not really take my mind and heart in appreciating its wonderful colours and the art. Today i saw one such moment. I took my camera out tried to captured moment. The sun was blazing its glory, white clouds were swirling around. And a dark cloud just came and closed the sun forming the bright glowing silver line. Well when finally my camera switched it self that moment was over. Just occurred to me how i missed that moment yet how i remembered the details of it.
This made me think. The junctions of my life that I do not have photos or any tangible things to tell another person this really happened, yet memories… I have the memories.
Memories which I would like to share. Yet no one will really understand the true emotions that i have linked with them.

well Dumbledore please teach me how to extract my memories and bottle them so I can share them with others!!!

I just love my memories… good and bad


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