Old school

Sounds familiar? hmm yeah thought so
Watched “Who’s line is it anyway?” hosted by Drew Carey and comedians (really talented) Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and few more comedy actors playing the game-show. The jokes are so real and classy. Well currently I am really addicted to it.
One day these funny(I mean genuinely hilarious) guys enacted the 90’s old school. It was pretty simple and really brought up how much we think certain phrases we used when we were schooling, certain rituals we thought were cool and happening back then are really not that cool any more. Well the scene was three “happening dudes” meet up, and they discuss the cool things they did. Well it was not really discussing cuz no one was saying any activity but say to each other
“man i so did wanna do that “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN””
ohh yeah yeah I once did so and made it so real “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”
well the above quotes may not be exactly the same.but I got to emphasise that all did actually say to each other was “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN” and non of them knew what they really mean.
When watching this it just reminded me of my school days. well not long ago I actually went to have education, to a school where all types of girls were having the same education. Well some of us did good and some of us get to face the bad side of life. Yet once in a while it reminds us how much freedom happiness and excitement we had those days. I surprisingly was very energetic. I wanted to take part in every single thing. Every sport, drama, societies and many many more.
Wow I really had a busy life. I still remember that we had to do a Shakespearean drama one day. Well I guess I was tall and dark i got to be the Romeo (oh yeah that’s what we chose to act hmm old school) and some where in the show I had to do this sword duel. Well my acting is so outstandingly bad my friend who was the villain had to basically hold the sword and stick it herself. All because I kept on missing the target.
And then chores. One of my favorites. I use to sing in two three of them. what a feeling we get. All together singing one tune(off beat) and more than anything I participated them simply because I get to skip classes. Matter of fact the number of classes I actually attended for chemistry was less than 20. (ohh yeah)
Was a chatter box. I mean Girls have a lot to talk. And I was marked for this ability. Well I am proud to say this but I still have that ability popping here and there.
And the most perfect time is right after exams. We get to roam around the school. No classes and no restrictions till the next semester. Happy smiles every where singing dancing and playing games. Wow I really Cherise those memories.
Well I think I love and respect my school still :)

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