Random thoughts on my way home..

Actually it’s not so random… Matter of fact it’s the only thought that I have each day. Yes how beautiful it is. So much colours and glamour spread all over, sharing the beauty and peacefulness to us, who are (may be job-less) to watch with the eyes wide open and mouths unclosed.

By looking at it I feel as if I am in heaven. By saying that I am not being poetic but it’s simply the feeling I get. Eye soothing colours. Blue, indigo, purple, yellow, pink white orange and many many colours. The view is simply breath taking.

When I see it I feel so lucky that I was born as a human and am able to appreciate its true beauty. Even though my route from office to home is, screeching cars, smoking lorries, three wheelers motor cycles, tired human beings, I just avoid resting my eyes on them. I just look up and notice the heavenly bravura SKY!!!

Well I am just thankful to the creator of this world for giving such a extra ordinarily beautiful site to mu eyes.

Well my camera didn’t do the justice here… But still its so beautiful!!!


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