Means of transport – Motor Cycle

I always wanted to own a CBR or Harley Davidson. Not that I know how to ride it but I thought it was kinda looks cool. Yet the funny part is apart from the fact that I do not know how to ride a motor cycle, all throughout my life I have never even gone in a motor cycle. I mean no one was kind enough to take me. Still it’s strange why I have this special thing about CBR and Harley Davidson.

However few days back, I was waiting for my transport at about 6 o’clock. There was major traffic. No vehicle that has four wheels could move. But just like the way water would go through a jar full of rocks, MOTORCYCLES found their own controvertible way to creep in and out of the traffic. And now I will get to the funny part. I was standing on the pavement. (I mean I can stand there right? Yes I can be a “stationery pedestrian” if a noun like that do exist) I was waiting for my vehicle to come. But what I saw was10 to 12 motorcycles charging their way towards where I was standing. Hmm I had to push my panic button. Why? Because I had no way to go and make way to the battalion of motorcycles. Although I was standing at the right place I had to take refugee inside a telephone booth. Well they passed and then I gave a sigh of relief and turned my head, to see more and more motorcycles have made their own way in the pavements (or is it motor-cycle-way?)


How close the motor cycle was to me….

However the traffic got viler. And I had to camp in the telephone booth. Suddenly something “much funnier” caught my eye. A three-wheeler (or the most annoying word I have ever heard “the tuk-tuk”) was nicely parked in the pavement (let’s not bitch about that now) and there was about five feet space and a motor cycle (chaly) was waiting for the colour light to turn green. Then another motorcycle tried to creep in between the tuk-tuk and the chaly, and this was not actually going in the correct direction but the opposite direction. Mind you this was a highway. And I have no clue how he was able to come from a different direction. Now that is a question


A motor cycle making his way through a three wheeler and a Chaly

However my motive was not to say what I don’t like about bike riders. I just felt that motorcycle is a convenient and fast mean of transport that most citizens take use of.


5 thoughts on “Means of transport – Motor Cycle

  1. hehe..”a fast means of transport” well quite true! but those are the most annoying buggers i meet up while driving…but then again thinking of getting a bike to go for work, coz its actually true that you could somehow carwl through the traffic which u cant do while in the car….

    btw that pic is hilarious…lol hw the hell that bugger end up between the threewheeler and the other bike?? lol

  2. sure is fast and annoyingly annoying too.
    but then again i might do the same thing if i was one of them..

    and about the pic the best part is i was taking that snap how the three wheeler is parked on the pavement. and out of no where this one came.. :)

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