its true what they say, spend at least one day with a 7 year old and 70 year old.. wow life is so simple..

Well all started when she kept on staring at me… had to talk so. She had being watching my every move. However now I do not regret, because she taught me how nice and simple the life can be when you take each minute as it is and how you can make someone feel better by showing the things you like to do. Such energy and enthusiasm she showed to meet people greet people and talk with people. Recently am built in such a way that I like to get to know fellow human but after inquiring about that person I just loose interest in them. Just that I am too lazy to know how everyone is doing. Might have tried a feeble act on keeping the rapport with few of my friends but most of the time I like to shut up and listen to what other people say. Sad life? Or anthropologistic life? Or a life that does not actually have anything to say to anyone?

Well I am not fighting to understand why I turned to be someone like this. Guess it’s a phase that I am going through discovering” who I am”?

Back to the 7 year old. All we did was, playing some kids games. Reminded me of my childhood where I was the privilege one to ride on somebody’s back. And now she is the privileged one. Damn I was tired after all the running, skipping circling and hide and seek we did. But still I was HAPPY and young. Yes felt like a young girl who knew the beauty of life. Thank you little one…


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