Empirical proof of love – A Beautiful Mind

I watched A Beautiful Mind where the life story of John Nash, the Nobel Prize winner in Economics (1994) unfolds. Not going to give my view of the movie, yet want to share my fevorite scene

The following conversation if between John and Alicia Larde, when he wanted her to explain the love and commitment she had for him. Mind you he is a mathematician. The scene is acted by Russell Crowe (John Nash) and Jennifer Connelly (Alicia Larde)

Alicia: A proof? Verifiable data? Hmm mmm


Well… How big is the universe?

John: Infinite

Alicia: How do you know?

John: I know because all the data indicate it

Alicia: But it hasn’t been proven yet?

John: No

Alicia: You haven’t seen it. How do you know for sure?

John: I don’t. I just believe it

Alicia: Mmm..

It’s the same with Love. I guess

Now, the part that you don’t know

Is it if I want to marry you?


was touched by the scene

One day a friend of mine asked me what was it like to be in love? and i am still searching for the answer…


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