Today??? friday??? huh???

“Time flies…”Being hearing that on and off and the funny thing is we still spend it less of the real meaning of it… all of 2008 has being a year of killing time for me and apparently I have done so many things and none of them were my resolutions…
But I am not sad or unhappy about the year passed, cuz now I am much closer with my parents and kinda in peace with myself.
And the best part is I have become quite a mind reader so its kinda difficult for me to deal with people.. hahaha I know all are afraid of me, talk to me even and I sometimes purposely ignore the muscling gender…
Wellllll today is Friday… Was to meet up a friend and to go Christmas shopping… Though we have scanned all shops of Colombo still not satisfied for the fact that we have so much of time to kill… plan was cancelled and me still in office pretending to work when my boss insists on, me flying back to my nest.. “Come on man I love my job, I am soooo devoid of my life… please let me stay near my Oh-so-perzonal-computer and pretend to work my oh-so-brilliant-head-off.
Today is a Friday. My shopping spree was cancelled and sitting in front of Orlando Blooms and doing my thing (Okayyyyy its just the screen saver but still I can read him, yeah he like moi J ).
Ahhhh almost forgot.. It was Christmas deco timeeeee…. When I stepped into office (after a looong vacation sorta thing) found there were none…. So who stepped in… yeah me the oh-so-time-to-kill-doing-nothing me… the theme was “not spending your money due to Economics crises and still have the spirit” so we voluntarily got the day off and started cutting “recycled Envelopes” and made Christmas trees and hung them… (ahhh I am going to miss you guys, surprisingly but yeah I am)

Now all have gone home I am still at office finishing off my work and browsing through the net and felt like saying something…
Wanted to say how much I want to go out and go crazy at a day like this… but guess I am not that kinda person.. or may be I do not have friends and nobody likes me… oh may be I am so ugly that no guy likes me… or may be the economy is so s&^*5 that all the amusement arenas are closed since the cost cutting is taking over our lives that no credit cards are allowed and expenditure is more than the income… or may be its raining outside that and I can’t see oh hear it….or may be I am blind, deaf and dumb at the same time that I might as well not have a life..
ohhhhh who cares??? I kinda like my subtle moving life… and I am happy and happy… and I just let it go..
man I love Eric Clapton.. “Layla you got me off my feet…”

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