Watching you ease me

It’s not a human that I was referring, even though I am fascinated by watching people around me. And what I noticed about then and what I did is another story.

What made me write toady is the love that I have for sky and clouds. I am unable to give an exact reason why I always end up looking up, but may be because I am too curious about what’s the limit of the world that we see unlimited or just that I feel so free.
Every time when I look up its something different. Something new and exciting. It’s as if I am getting to know someone new. I look up day night evening dawn anytime I feel that I need to. When I travel just walking in the garden, swimming (which happens rarelyL).
The night’s sky of cause was my favorite. Use to count starts, but never was able to finish as each minute pass a new one pops out. I am not good in reading start signs and the only one I can identify is the Orion, also known as “the hunter”. And that is also because it has very significant raw of three stars that represents his belt.
Then the day sky. Recent discovery of a new love. When the clouds fill the blue space, it gives such happiness to me. And that mood causes me to capture the moments. And I have photos taken each day. As much it has inspired me I thought of searching more info about clouds. Also a “thank you” should go to my friend who gave the initial idea.
There are types of clouds in different levels of the sky. They have different formations that act for different purposes. But I will touch only on their looks.

Within the range of 6,000 feet and below

Stratocumulus – Kind of puffy and spreads
Stratus – spreads and covers a vast area
Cumulus – looks like small puffs

From the range of 20,000 feet to 6,000 feet
Altocumulus – Small puffy clouds that stay together
Altostratus – bit thicker than stratus and can cover the sun

Above 18,000 feet
Cirrocumulus – looks like small dots and spread in a vast area
Cirrus – looks like a bird art

And then there is
Cumulonimbus – rain clouds that spread from ground level up to 50,000 feet

If the naming of the clouds are bit trick the below grid will help you out

And if you want to read more
Well I just browsed through few sites and found the info. Might not be 100% true but I am willing to listen to any comment that you may want to make and the topic is open to discuss.
But I will be searching more about CLOUDS and come up with a much better research. And may be about stars also
Till then……
Ahhhhhhhhhhh I just love watching the sky!!!

2 thoughts on “Watching you ease me

  1. yup – the sky is a truly beautiful thing. whether day time or night – sometimes i wish i just had the time to lie in the grass with someone i love and count the stars. :)
    thanks for reminding me about that…

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