Guess thats what I want

I miss it awfully. Yes being in love. Not the kind of love that involves kissing hugging and then breaking up, but the true one that will assure you that everything going to be alright. Far apart but still together. Where you say “swept by the feet” kind of feeling. It’s such a shame that I have never felt like that my teenage life; because I was busy doing things that was not of my choice. Not blaming anyone but I was too responsible of so many other things that I missed that life. The care free life. Came into a corporate world got screwed up with its busy-(mess). Got involved and then breakup. Perhaps because I knew it was not what I was looking for. Or the other party knew it was a mistake.
Once a friend asked me, what type of a person I was looking for. I went speechless. Downright speechless, I never thought how it was going to be. But all I know is when I meet that someone all going to be fine.

ahhhhhhhhh being toooo sentimental, but I a human


2 thoughts on “Guess thats what I want

  1. you said the last one right..:)
    material things don’t really matter….
    and yes, I miss it too….
    oh well…
    let’s hope the year to come will be a good one!:)

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