At a time like this

Today we had a forum, where my mentor spoke of how to face at a time like this. Where recession is hitting businesses, and revenue wise cooperates are facing issue and they have to take up drastic measures in order to satisfy their customers. And we are being ripped off by some benefits that we had during Christmas time last year. (Matter of fact some of my friends are not feeling Christmassy at all) But with an open mind I was able to listen to her. It’s understood that I have very less number of problems compared to some of my other colleagues who are married and wage earners. Okay I might not have a problem at all… yes I am one of those lucky brats I suppose. However what she told us today is ringing in my mind and hope to mark it in my blog so who ever would like to read this will have a better way of facing the future

Have Confidence in you
If there is a person that you can rely on, most of the problems will fade away. And if you have the reliance on yourself no one can pull you back. Not even yourself.

Think like a champion
Every champion has their own ups and downs. But a true champion will never let one drawback hinder the path way to success. Constantly try the best and through failures you will find the light for the future.

Always be in alert
Things change and we have to be in alert to identify them and make plans to overcome the obstacles that may occur.

Be extra ordinary
We can succeed at a given task and all you will be is excellent. But how to be extra ordinary? Do not be afraid for change. Life is not always giving you a path that is smooth. But it’s always fun to ride on rough roads. So adopt o change and live it and love it.

To conclude this emphasizing on the fact that it’s a choice you make about life. Can be optimistic or pessimistic but YOU will have to live it


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