My guinea pig for experimental food

As a kid I played house

It was a house where I was the cook (oh no)

Most of the food was raw,

Days old and mom just throw.

But my income was low

Hand to use then so.


But being the good host

I always boast

How good my food was

Yet needed a guinea pig of cause.


Had one person looking at me

Saw the innocent eyes that gleam

“There you go. My own guinea pig”

I just fed him my master chef wonder dish.

With awe of wonder with trusting heart

He just ate it and wanted some more.


Mom just came by, saw my experiment

Gave a loud cry and rush him to the hospital

“A rotten tomato is not that bad

And I am quite sure that he should be glad”

To get a sister like me

Who consider him as a guinea pig

And what the heck

You owe that to me

Since you and my brother who was just three


A real life scenario. I am sorry malli. For what I have made you eat. And thank you for baring all my mischief. He actually was three and I was four J


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