Traffic in Colombo

Whenever I see the board COLOMBO one thing that comes in to the mind is that how we fall behind a line of vehicles every few meters we hope to travel. And I am quite sure that you do have few good stories to share.

Before I begin this I must emphasis on the fact that I am not a person who knows how to drive a car and matter of fact not good in riding at least a bicycle. I always wanted to learn but it’s something like learning the violin for me. Though I love it so much I just can’t seems to concentrate on the minor facts such as shifting the gear hanging on to the wheel the breaks the lights the horn the car seat that is not right. So I gave up without actually trying it out. But 2009 resolution is to learn how to drive car safely and and so fast that you will be aghast :)

Traffic, as I mentioned before is something I meet on my way to work. Though I live off road to Colombo the place is known as a devils point when it comes to traffic. The driver (whom I admire for his patience and swearing that follows, yes early morning) go zig zag and comes in to a halt behind a queue of vehicles ready to charge forward.

Now this is the beauty of morning traffic. It gives me time to watch the citizen of Colombo in action. The van next to me is filled with school kids. They actual have so much to talk. Showing off their latest collection of Pokémon stickers and argue about the favorite super hero strengths.Pulling their hair screaming laughing. Reminded me of my childhood. Then there is a cute little girl looking at me with her big eyes. She is privilege to go in a CRV and was turning her head away from the food that her mom is trying to push into her mouth. I smiled at her and so she did. That was a moment we shared and we both knew that we will never meet again but that smile we shared made our lives different. Then the green lights came so we parted. I was heading to Colombo and was stopped by a check point. After all the necessary identification we were let to go. I actually said thank you, not because I am against or for the war but merely for the service they rendered and I always admire people who are honest at their job.

Came to the heart of Colombo, where you can identify with amount of carbon smoke ejecting from the vehicles and by the clouds thay form. We were moving quite fast today. 10 miles per hour. I do always say that this is fast if you are a Colombo rider. We were at a halt. Near a well known school. A place where our future compiling itself with tools and necessities. You see so many vehicles parked by the road. From our dream car to the motor cycle is carrying a parent or a gradient and the child. They were all going to the same school. Getting the same education. But different methods of transport. So we stared the ride and came into a place where most of the cooperates are gathering. They greet each other some looks so fresh in the morning some looks as if they didn’t sleep at all some seems to be in love with their work and some have lost their minds. I notice all this so carefully as we ride 5 miles per hour now. With all that observation I finally came to office.

Now the only night riding life I have. I do not go out in the night much. Ahhh okay not at all. However when I work till late, I get the rare moment of checking out Colombo, at night. I simply love it. With lights and colours and people hurrying to their nests make me sort of feel that I have a little moment in the Colombo night life. Then suddenly the vehicle stopped. Near the Colombo campus. Guess some one ”important” was passing by. The driver uncle (as we call him) started saying his extract of the day so I got plugged in to my mobile mp3 player. I just love my music. So we waited and waited and now it started raining. Can life be any more fascinating? As the rain started to progress they allowed the vehicles to go. But to go where? Due to the fact that rain drops have damaged our brain cells and also it flooded in most of the roads we started moving 4 miles per hour. I actually couldn’t see that much of people inside vehicles since it was dark. But I felt kind of comfy and safe inside the air conditioned vehicle. Loved the rain and how it drops slowly in the glass and how they shine like beautiful diamonds when the light reflects. I was actually having a good time. And I wish the vehicle to move really slowly. (Though there was no need to pray for it since we were moving reaaaaly slow). I was how pedestrian peril from the Hugh mud puddles and felt for them. Yet I loved the rain and this traffic (May be I am mean, but I was enjoying the moment). Then another van which was moving ahead of us broke. Right on the middle of the road. But I was amazed to see how people out of nowhere came into the rescue. Soon the road was cleared and we were free to go (4 miles per hour is the standard at that time). I reached home at 9.30PM with a nice feeling about the traffic in Colombo…


4 thoughts on “Traffic in Colombo

  1. Makes me nostalgic. Have you ever smiled sweetly at a really irate driver in traffic? Immensely enjoyable and helps to preserve your sanity.

  2. haha thats why i would not really want to be the one who is driving and yeah watching the driver at times like that is ‘no words to say’ :)

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