I need a change
As I felt like I am trapped in a cage
I need a change
From all what I was engaged
I changed my room
Painted in pink and blue
Changed my cloth line
It was colourful and light
Changed my hair, changed my whole appearance
Changed my favourite TV channel
Changed what I read
Hoping to have a new vision

Yet, I felt down and sad
I felt so trapped inside
Sad sad I felt so bad
What changes to be done?
To all that I have

What am I doing?
I have being changing the whole world
Isn’t it that I am to change my looking glass?
Now the world is better as I changed my inner self
And the world is much happier


4 thoughts on “Change….

  1. It is great and I think a lot of us can relate to it in some kind of way.
    I love the way she includes her thoughts in this one and how she used simple words to enable each and everyone who reads the poem to apply it to their own lives.
    How happiness comes and how long it can be so every thing is changeable.
    I believe that this wonderful poem describes about human and their thoughts.
    Such a beautiful poem.

  2. And here you nicely explained the fact that we have always been trying to change the whole world instead of changing ourselves before we change the world…..

    There is a lot going on in this poem, I can talk for days….

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