Planting tress

Today I planted a plant in a pot. The main reason for this is because I love greenery and it helps me to calm and remind how lucky I am as we still live in this era.

We live in the 21st century, which they said to be a barren land and a land covered with concrete structures. Partly yes, we see buildings coming up in every corner but our ancestors who had the brains and guts to think about the future (at that time – us, the 21st kids) had planted trees so that we are having some green popping here and there. However I am not blaming or pointing the figure at any one because I believe and work for a company which enhances the human lives via new technology. Our lives are made easy and we become more efficient, productive and so on. For example concrete buildings which are not pleasing to the eye actually provide us with a better and comfortable lodging and a segment of concrete building which are called apartments give shelter to a broader number of families. However this is not my topic for today

Planting trees and what use they give us.

It’s easy to plant trees. You dig a hole and keep the plant and cover with soil and then water. However there is a after service that it yearn in order to grow big and strong. It needs fertilizing, watering and contact care and love. Basically they need your attention for some time and after it is familiar with the ground it will grow itself all by himself in to a strong beautiful tree. (Isn’t it a living happily ever after sort of story??)

Now the uses. How does a tree help a human being? This is a question asked from us when we were in the primary for environment studies. And after think a lot and figuring out how much I have forgotten about my childhood knowledge, I managed to jot down the below

  1. Trees give us food (to satisfy our hunger to live)
  2. Trees give us flowers (beauty)
  3. Trees/plants are planted as to decorate the gardens (beauty)
  4. Trees helps us in the water cycle (one major contributor)
  5. Trees reduces the air pollution and help to purify the air
  6. Tree branches and the trunk are used to build houses and furniture
  7. Trees are used as medicine/ingredients for medicine
  8. Trees are used as cosmetics/cosmetics ingredient.
  9. Trees helps in preventing soil decay
  10. Tress helps to play. E.g. The swings

And last but not least and my favourite

Trees Calms you down

I know that for a fact, because each morning on my way to work I go under a natural arch made by big trees that stands besides the Cumarathunga Munidasa Mawatha (or is it the Thurston road???). During that few seconds all my worries are faded and Ï fly like an eagle, and yeah believe me J



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