Making your Point “true”

Lately I am progressing into a new hobby (yes I am aware of the fact that I am going through a total life style transfer)
The new hobby is”Arguing” or somehow “making your pint true”. Its fun and you learn views of the other opponent/s you may not really feel that person in incorrect but its rather fun to see how a person counterattack for the words you throw at him/her. I must emphasis on the fact that most of the points I try to convey are my own thoughts and judgments of the given subject.
My colleagues, friends are the victims. The topics are rather casual and we discuss (Argue is more appropriate) on many areas. As a true fighting spirited representative from the feminine gender I never give up on where I stand. We hatchet each other’s views and end up (most of the time) without a proper conclusion of whatever we talked about. However when the heat is over and we are back to this world of peace and harmony I actually sit and think about the facts that we came up with and take note of the situation with a wider view. And hence I must point out that is one good thing about arguing.
And what have I learnt so far? Simple it’s that what I believe in a certain issue is not the same as the view of another person. Mainly because we see the world in different levels. Yet I have the right to put forward my view on the table and make (the puppet) dance with strings controlled by me. And so does my opponent. Yet both the puppets we try to dance are with strings attached. When not handled carefully we there is a chance that the strings will get entangled, which will not be a entertaining show to the audience, but merely a laughing stick scenario which nobody will take a notice of.
So how to handle the puppet show (the argument) properly? Be comprehensive with the argument.
I read books, newspapers, tabloids (yup they too), blogs and so the list grows. And sometimes perceive how certain individuals argue on variety of topics. Intellectual to CRAP. They bring out facts and figures and make into a comment and suggestion. When you are bringing up facts, the validity of the facts are a golden rule. As you can not alter facts and figures. (Oxford dictionary 7th edition; Facts and figures- Precise details) Even though this is the case certain people do deviate from this and try to prove their point through own comments and assumption which sometimes make a fool out in the field. They should understand that just because they see 9 out of 10 heads d=heads nodding in agreement does not mean the point is correct. Our eyes are made in such a way that we can see less that 180° and we actually have to make an effort and turn our head to see the full 360° view and even more effect to see the whole globe around us.(Still we might have not covered more dimensions)
Getting back to my new hobby; I never was like this. I used to nod in agreement for anything came on my way. NOT because I was “blond” but due to the fact that I was not thorough with the subject of argument and thought the other person will try to guess me as indecent person. But then ä little birdie taught me that my view of the subject can make a different too. Hence here I am singing “
“Getup stand up – stand up for your right” Bob Marley 1973
And to those who come to argue with me let me remind you one phrase “when you fight with a pig in the mud, the pig actually enjoys it “and yeah I love mud baths, it’s good for the skin.


4 thoughts on “Making your Point “true”

  1. You should meet Skull Zero! He’ll give a good run for your money when it comes to arguments!!!!!

  2. Yes probably he will do that.. but my motive to argue is to learn something new.. more like a people observation kinda thing :) so might even let someone win..

  3. hahaha…

    btw i guess ur rite abt knowing ur facts…u shud thoroughly be aware of the negatives they can throw out, i guess arguing is not always abt tryin to prove what u believe, its more abt hw much u kno better than ur opponent…

  4. You got that right..You can use the sword but better keep a shield a well.. And aftermath of arguing is where I like to spend more time, cuz that gives me and idea
    1. to gather more facts to argue
    2. to change some of ma belief
    3. whether to face that opponent ever at all

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