Types of Reading

Recently I developed a crave for reading. I mean I was into reading but few reasons were stopping me from fully getting into it. Well all that is GONE WITH THE WIND.
Anyhow getting back to my “NEW AND IMPROVED” (oaky that’s doesn’t sound right, New and improved??? Anyways is local advertisements can use it why can’t I? That is for you to worry about and me to write J ) HOBBY, I have noticed that there are many types of reading. I will introduce them but must warn you that they are being named as READING TYPE “NUMER”, because if I start giving names for them all of you will want me to name your child J yeah!!!

Reading Type Number I
This is the type of reading where you just skim through the materiel. Nothing goes to your head. Too lazy or unimportant, for you to understand the content.
E.g. Local News papers

Reading Type Number II
More serious reading. You concentrate hard and try to get everything to your head, or you are dead (wow that rhymes, maybe I should write poetry). This type of reading is done during exam season and when you read project proposals. You may not be highly enthusiastic about them but gives prominence, if not you are DOOMED.

Reading Type Number III
Very important and you enjoy reading them. Very enthusiastic and high chance of reading them once again
E.g. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling
Rebecca by Daphne du Maurie

Reading Type Number VI
YOU are not reading at all. You are bluffing. The reasons could be
i. To impress someone. E.g. your parents
ii. To avoid someone
iii. To pretend that you are busy
With this type of reading what you just do is just count the number of vowels in the paper and divide them by the total number of letters and the come up with the rate of vowels per each letter. This is quite hard and this portrait you are concentrating REALLY hard on your reading

Reading Type Number V
Improvise reading. You read out aloud with little bit of expression. You use your eyes and facial muscles to improvise the content, so the CORRECT message goes to the reader.

Reading Type Number VI
Little Sister of the Reading Type Number V. Reading stories to kids. You get to read only half way through because you will have to answer the 21 questions from those little “kids”. Then you finally agree on the modern term “I was BORN intelligent and education ruined me”

Reading Type Number VII
Everyone thinks that you are reading “The Constitution of Blah blah blah. But actually you are reading the “Archie comics”. And the people around you wonder “hmmm how come that serious stuff she is reading sounds so funny….”

Reading Type Number VIII
Reading news or a product portfolio in radio. No feelings, just loud.

Reading Type Number IX
Reading billboards on your way to office. You see how the colour fades away each day

Reading Type Number X
Reading number plates. You can add divide subtract or multiply the numbers plates on vehicles. And notice similarity of some of the number plates with phone numbers that you know.

Reading Type Number XI
Reading the fellow MAN kind. It’s not hard to read another human being. But very amusing, the way they say or do something totally different from what THEY REALLY FEEL INSIDE.

Reading Type Number XII
Reading your own self. NO COMMENTS!!!

All’s well that ends well. Currently I am reading 4 books and the all fall in to “Reading Type Number III” and “Reading Type Number II” as I am doing few assignments and my exams are near.(I am not much of a studious person anyways). Reading Type Number IX and X are my favourites.
Let’s see what all this reading will lead me into. Two options either I will have at least the brain or I will end up becoming JANE.


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