Communicating via the MOBILE PHONE

I was working the whole day, and was really stressed out. My heart has stopped beating was annoyed with my own face that appeared on the monitor. That was it…. I needed a break. It was 5.45PM but still most of my colleagues were working. Guess it’s due to the fact that we say “Yes We Can” for every bucketful of “sunshine” comes in our way and then end us working till late
Urghhhhhh I forgot why I started writing this (and I keep on forgetting why I was born and who care when I forget what I was going to say), as I was saying earlier I was feeling really bored, stressed and annoyed, sad, contempt down and drowning in sea of unhappy thoughts a flash light just brighten my brain. I thought of paying a visit to my dear dear friends. And I must emphasis the fact that I can start chatting and there can never be an end. And if I am in correct mood you will barely get to talk at all.. (Ah dear friends please bare that with me… what to do I am being meJ). So I got up, started walking looking for a innocent victim to with my chatting ability. So I peeped into the nearest cubical. She was on a call (official!!!). So I went to the next, he was about to make a call, so I just passed him and came out from my division. Looked around and noticed how much we are capable of doing a “job done” only by talking over that phone (Yes the next department was busily speaking over that phone)
So came to different section on the floor, where my friend was busily texting someone at a rate. Didn’t want to disturb her. Then A loud noise shock me and was happy as this means I can finally join this group to have a chat. But when I by that place the site was not so heart pleasing at all, All of them was busily chatting away on the phone and guess what, they are using “call conferencing” to chat with a friend who was not there. OH GOD!!!
So what’s wrong with this world? Why are we hooked on to this small piece of equipment, can’t we see much this small gadget has dominated our lives.
Yes I was lonely again in a room filled with people. But at least I got something to think about and put down my “Me Thinks” like this. At the first stage of human evolution we used to communicate by signaling and sound. Like waving the hand, grunting, growling and so on. So gradually this turned in to sounds with some meanings forming letters to words and thereafter a whole sentence that was consisted with correct spelling Grammar and meanings for us to understand each other correctly. Also writing ability came in to the picture hence we wrote down what we feel and/or things we should remind ourselves. As the human nature was to reach more than what we have, we stared to reach out of our reach. So snail mail was introduced (Now its snail mail but it was the fastest and assured way of travelling news) Print media also was a hit. And somewhere down the line a wonderful phenomena, transmitting by waves was discovered. The radio was found. But all who loves that voice wanted to see them for real. So the television was introduced to us. Also during the same period with radio signaling Mr. Graham bell (the accuracy of that in not guaranteed by me as I have seeing it is rather doubtful) found the telephone. So all of these discoveries, invention one of us wanted to communicate “wireless”, hence the mobile phone was born. From a device that managed to kill-someone-with, now we have mobile phones that can be mistaken to a match box. The wonderful divine gift to the human sometimes makes us forget that we are human. This is not done directly but with the entire C%^* like globalization syndrome that many of us are facing the mobile phone plays a big part of it. First we stared chatting over the 2G technology and the text messaging(Short Message Service) was introduced making us and addictive generation (I was, but thank GOD I do not find it interesting anymore). General Packet Radio Service introduced, and the mobile communication synchronized with the internet. Now we are in the period of video calling where in simple terms 3G and/or3.5G. This is specifically used at corporate premises to hold meeting and so on.
Likewise data is transmitted and communicating through technology is occurred every corner at a rate. But have we all forgotten how it was before all this. We actually have forgotten to say HI to some of our friends. Sometimes simply because we are busy or since so many methods to communicate are available that we take it for granted. The simple keeping in touch is taking a new level of minding-your-own-business or leave-me-alone phase. Lovers do not write letters filled with their love and feelings. Those Romantic letters was exchanged only between our grandparents??? Parents are not advising their children on how to face life. Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote letter of Life to his daughter Indira Ghandhi on how the man evolve and how he overcome obstacles. These letters are still inspiring those who want to have a new insight to life.
My questions are
What will happen to us?
What are we going to give the generation that comes henceforth?
Will they blame us or become more inhuman than we are?

Don’t worry be happy is what we can do for the time being. Well I must conclude now as I am getting a call to my mobile. Finally somebody REMEMBERS me !!!


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