Violin Lesson

I Love to play the violin
Near a lake with moon light dandling
For that I bought a brand new violin
Went for a lesson with a sovereign

I sat near the alter
Where I could see my master
He explained “Violin” character
Alas I saw all the torture

Hold the violin align with your chin
Stand up straight with no limb bling
Keep the fingers, each wire in
Draw the bow with all strength within.

My fingers bleeding
My knees trembling
And my poor poor chin
I felt I doing a sin (to the violin)
It’s a lapse I am doing to the violin,
Seems like a blunder to all who master the violin
It’s no good me trying to learn the violin
So I bid farewell to my Violin

Good bye my dear dear violin,
May be some other day I will do some dancing
Near a lake when moon light dandling
So now I must dance after learning


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