She was walking down the street
With flowers in her hand
They were pretty and fresh and nice
She had them picked when it was sunshine

The SUN had its own plan, hot and warm
Sent his rays so fast and sharp
Her lovely flowers bent with his harmful flicker
They faded and didn’t look pretty, and she was unhappy

“What good these flowers are for me All faded an dead?”
She just threw it away and walked away from them
Flowers were pretty. Flowers were fresh
But now they lay a miserable death.

Sometimes in life we throw away the most beautiful just because someone else harmed it. and We could have just protected it from happening


3 thoughts on “SunRay

  1. My dear friend Ranmalee,
    I really like this poem. But what I feel when I read this is, it reflects the truth of life. All things and feelings will not last forever, understanding the reality of life, think this is a high quality poem

  2. HI Mano, thank you for your comments really I think youshoudl start writting your stuff as well :)

  3. Im not as good as you Ranmalee, Theres a long way to go to cm up to ur level,,,,…..I promise,I will try…and my dear tnx a lot for your advise

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