Procrastination – Work life

I sat and I thought
I will finish today
Cuz I was not there
To finish em anyway

I thought and I thought
Argued with myself
“What is important?”
“What should be prioritized?”

Coloured them in red
Those of importance and already late
Coloured them in green
What are good to GO!!!
Yellow, blue and pink
Sure gave the ART a kick
Black purple and maroon
Some colours I used

Today is the day
Yes end to my “pro-cras-tic” work style
Today I will finished them all
And feel high five

It looks so lovely with all colours and shades
I was proud of myself
So I stared and stared
Till my heart content

But alas then I checked the time
Its’ 5 o’clock, yup 5 o’clock
Its time to go, or I will miss the bus

Procrastination! Procrastination!! O Procrastination!!!
What about ending procrastination?

Well at least I thought
To end it today
And I am satisfied
Cuz I will end it ANOTHER DAY!!!


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