Forgiven not forgotten

The title say it all but if you need more explaining well that’s what am about to do. We do mistakes sometimes and you may find that they are acceptable at that point yet letter when you think more, you will find that it is not so. However if you meant what you did back, and meant with the whole heart of you just wait for the com-back… It’s as clear as crystal you will get it back… I am telling you through personal experience, being a LEARNING-2-Live human I have done mistakes and mischievs and I have learned through them… Hence my mission of life is to live it carefree and with minimal heartaches to my surroundings :)

And also this note is especially to all those wonderful people once I knew and still I know please do forgive me for what I have done.

As a closing statement I would like to stress on the fact that mistakes can be forgiven but never forgotten…


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