What do you want to do in five years?

I went for an job interview today.
They asked me
“What do you want to do in five years?”
I Paused, but my mind was at work,

To eat, to sleep, to feel I’m free
To cook, to bake, to own a condo in Greece
To laugh, to drive, to feel the sun in the east
To have visa on arrival
To jump off a plane
To ride a horse, a motor cycle
A speed boat

Wait I’m still paused.

“Hmmmm five years, I am not sure what I am going to do in the next six month”

Well I understand if they do not call me again


A Skype conversation: Age

Frenemy: You are happy to be old?
Me: Yessss
Frenemy: why?
Me: Why not?
Frenemy: that is not a proper answer.It’s MY birthday and I demand a SERIOUS answer!
Me: Well my SERIOUS answer is a question. WHY NOT?. But here we go, this is why I am happy to get old
Age is a beautiful thing to be comfortable with
Share your life with
Relate with
Be appreciative of

Many would not come to your life as you expected
Will leave you in despair
But age
Oh age be there right on time
Share your days with you
Without you even realizing it
Always hanging around
Always mocking you
Till the day you die

Million dollar hotel – MeThinks!

I hardly watch movies. Even if I do watch, it would be because I find the story very appealing and/or some friend convinces me. OR I am super bored. And going to the theater, is out of the question.

However, I watched Million Dollar hotel just last week. And I loved it.

Million Dollar hotel is a drama movie, directed by Wim Wenders based on a concept story written by Bono (yup the U2 man) and Nicholas Klein. Jeremy Davies, acted as Tom (Nicknamed TomTom), the narrator of the movie who is in love with Eloise played by Milla Jovovich. Mel Gibson also played a vital part of the movie, as the detective, who also developed a soft spot for Tom.

I will not say much about the story here ,as I noticed that, no one has done so. Yes not even Wikipedia. It has received quite bad reviews and rotten tomatoes has given it a 25% rating.

But for me this movie became one of my favourites. I may even watch it again. Again and again.

Things to take from the movie:
Love makes a fool, a fool no more

Some Tom quotes:
“dumb stuff is what I’ve been doing, when he arrived from Washington”
“what is he, an idiot?” Special Agent Skinner. ‘I remember he picked up on that, fast’

The first time I saw, some parts of the movie, was for Groove Amada – Paris track


Baby let me be your satellite

Not your moon

Shining with someone else’s light

But your satellite

The one you made

You know the unattractive, less flashy one?

The one you made?

The one you use?

The one that goes around you?

Your communication tool?

The one that watch you over thousands of miles away?

I am your satellite

I will just stay here

Orbiting till you need me

Till that day comes

When I become space junk

Till you do not find me; useful and sophisticated

Orbiting, watching feeling nothing

But that I am just a satellite.

A modern day hermit, Christopher Knight

I can get lost online. I read from politics to polyphonic. Just read. In one such raid I came across this particular article done by MICHAEL FINKEL, a contributing author for GQ (yes, Gentleman Quarterly) and is also has authored the book True Story.

The story fascinated me. It was about 20 pages (MS word) long and has a mix of interview blurbs, author comments, and feed back from others.

In Short, Christopher Knight aka Hermit of Maine. Knight has disappeared in to the woods when he was 20 years old (1986) and chose to continue to live in the woods, with no human contact ever. Except, Yes except he wanted the food that was sold in shelves instead of food that run wild in the woods. He stole food in dead of night from houses that were closed and non of the residents were in. He also needed food for thought so he stole books, magazines (from National Geographic to PlayBoy) and listen to Radio (from conservative talk shows to classic rock). But no he did not want to COMMUNICATE with any human being at all.

His stay in the woods seems quite fun, at least during summer and spring. Staring at the stars, listen to silent nights, living in a camouflaged tent, no one telling him to brush his teeth. But the winter was hard. He had to stay up from 2 am(because that is when it becomes really cold) and keep himself dry all the time.

He was asked why he did what he did? Why did he become a “Hermit”. To which he did not answer willingly, at first and getting more annoyed each time the author pose the same question. However he did answer it, on their last encounter

But during our final visit, he was more reflective. Isn’t everybody, he said, seeking the same thing in life? Aren’t we all looking for contentment? He was never happy in his youth—not in high school, not with a job, not being around other people. Then he discovered his camp in the woods. “I found a place where I was content,” he said. His own perfect spot. The only place in the world he felt at peace.

However I do not think he is a hermit in the true sense of the word. I would call someone a hermit if they did not interact nor consumed anything from the civilized world. Just staying in a wood, reflecting on life, surviving on the fruits of the wild, living in complete solitude. Perhaps that is a hardcore hermit and Knight was a some percentage of a hermit?

Knight was caught by one of the victims in 2013 and then he was put in jail. Things began to change for him (obviously) people started asking him questions but he agreed to tell his story only to the author of this article.

Read the full article here

I loved it, you may too. So give it go.

My favourite quotes from Christopher Knight

“When I came out of the woods they applied the label hermit to me. Strange idea to me. I had never thought of myself as a hermit. Then I got worried. For I knew with the label hermit comes the idea of crazy. See the ugly little joke.”

Even worse, he feared his time in jail would only prove correct those who doubted his sanity. “I suspect,” he wrote, “more damage has been done to my sanity in jail, in months; than years, decades, in the woods.”

“I’m not used to seeing people’s faces,” he said. “There’s too much information there. Aren’t you aware of it? Too much, too fast.”

“Sitting here in jail, I don’t like what I see in the society I’m about to enter. I don’t think I’m going to fit in. It’s too loud. Too colorful. The lack of aesthetics. The crudeness. The inanities. The trivia.”

When it’s enough

I love you like a little girl
I love you like I never have fallen in love
I love you so fresh and soft
But is that enough?

NOw you want me to hate you
You say I am not enough
I lost my mind begging for your love
Haven’t you done enough?

Oh my love, my love
I still love you like that little girl
And I hate you so much that you are not here
I think I had it enough.

*don’t worry I am quite a cheery person even though my poems are quite emo :) Few people have been telling me that I need to start writing again. So here we go.

I would passionately play my electric guitar

Fire, originally uploaded by Ranmalee Gamage.

I would passionately play my electric guitar
Any given day
Damn I am so good at it
I am spreading my wings

Look at me flying
Making sounds of fire
Burning you down
Playing my electric guitar

Come on baby
Let’s rock this bed of roses
Guns are guns, roses are red
Look at me making sounds of fire
Playing my electric guitar

I make peace with sound of god
I make serenity with colour of you
I am still playing my electric guitar
In my damn awesome dream!

I love my electric guitar
I am flying wings of fire
I would passionately play my electric guitar
Any given day